Friday, June 21, 2013

Peyton and the Pregnancy

Peyton was too young to know what was going on when I was pregnant with Juju.  This pregnancy has been so fun and exciting (so far) because Peyton seems so invested in it.  She knows more about what is happening and asks questions and gets excited.  It is so fun.

Peyton: Mom, I thought you said I was going to get a baby.  Where is it?

Me:  Well, it still has to grow before we can hug her and snuggle her.

Peyton: Where is the baby now?

Me: In my belly.

Peyton: (Outraged/Concerned) What!?  Don't keep it there!  It will eat all your Cheerios!


Peyton likes to know the status of the baby's growth.  She likes to know how big it is and what the baby is doing.  Recently we said, "the baby can hear now!  If you talk the baby can hear what you say!"

She was amazed that the baby could hear things, even from in my belly. Well...

Juju was being pretty ornery and fussy.  Peyton has been trying so hard to be patient.  Usually she says things like, "Juj, I think you are having a hard time.  What can I do?" (I know.  It melts my heart, too.  And don't go shouting out predictions about how it won't last).  Well, a girl can only be kind and patient under those circumstances for so long.  After a particularly long tantrum from Juj, Peyton looked at her and spoke calmly with raised, warning eyebrows and said, "Juj, if you don't calm down and stop whining, our baby will hear you and never come out and it will be stuck in Mom's tummy forever."

I think educators call this connection "higher level thinking."


I was getting ready for an appointment with my chiropractor.

P: Are you going to the doctor?

Me: Yes.

P: Is he gonna push our baby out?

Me: No, Pops. The baby won't be here for a long time.  Not until after Halloween.

P: Oh...

I continued to get ready to go and Popeye went and did her own thing.  She approached me as I was heading out the door.  She was dressed in one of her princess dresses and she pulled a Tootsie Pop out of her mouth.

P: Mom, I am wearing a costume and I have candy.  It is Halloween time now.

I almost fell over.  I love that kid more than I could possibly describe.  She has been begging for another sibling for a really long time and she just can't wait for her new sister to get here!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...these are the best!

brittany0413 said...

great stories :-) so great

Autumn Davis said...

I love your kids and your stories they always make me smile, Peyton is such a smart little girl....

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