Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ninja Dad

Chris and I were able to have a wonderful vacation in Florida (maybe more on that later), followed by a beautiful week with our girls at my in-law's in Utah.  It was perfection.

That isn't really what this post is about, though.  This post is about the girls' adoration of their father and their belief that he is the greatest, strongest, most handsome guy in the entire world.  The girls cannot fathom that there could ever be anybody stronger or more impressive than their dad.  

For example, Chris was carrying a giant container full of water.  His friend was there.  Chris put the water down and bragged to KJ (Chris' friend) that her dad was strong enough to lift the heavy water.  KJ said, "Oh, like this?"  He then proceeded to lift the water, just as Chris had done.  Juj was quick to defend her father's honor and said, "Yeah?  Well, my dad can throw us in the air, so hmph!"

Anyway, like I said, they think he is awesome. And I love it.  They cannot accept that there may be some things that he just can't do.

One morning Popeye woke up early and Grandma was able to show her pictures of Chris from when he was a kid.  Pops saw this picture and was impressed, to say the least.

She said, "That's when my dad was a ninja!  He kicked that whole tree down!"  The girls went on and on about their ninja dad and his superhuman strength. 

Chris woke up later in the morning.  He had been up most of the night with the baby (and I thank him for the extra sleep).  When he came downstairs he made it into the living room, where he promptly collapsed from exhaustion and he laid face down on the carpet, hoping if he could be still enough, he might be able to squeeze in a few more minutes of sleep before the troops attacked.  No such luck.  

The girls were quick to climb on him.  In less that a minute, he had been smothered with hugs and kisses and the girls had climbed on his back, ready for their trusty steed to take them for a ride.  Chris just laid there, motionless.

Popeye: Come on, Dad!  Give us a ride!  You can do it!

Chris: Pops, I'm too tired.  I don't have the strength!

Popeye:  Sure, you do!  If you can knock down a tree, then you can lift three men!  Now go!

And he did.  And we all love him for it.

So grateful that the kids think their dad is as great as I do!  We are lucky to have him as part of the ranks.