Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Daddy/Daughter Fun

Chris and Peyton get along so well. They just adore each other. He is such a good dad and with Father's Day approaching I thought I should blog about Chris and Peyton!
When I am doing my homework in the office I can often hear them interacting in the living room. Some of the things I hear are too funny not to blog about. Here are some things I'm talking about...
CHRIS: Peyton! We both tooted at the same time. That's so cute! (Peyton clapping)
CHRIS: Peyton, don't be such a baby. (Peyton goes from whining to giggling)
PEYTON: Arg ba ba ba ya ya da!
CHRIS: I know you are but what am I?

They are just too funny. He would die if he knew I posted that stuff...

Here are a few pictures of them from the last few months. This is so funny. She grabs his hair and directs him:)

This is their balancing act. It freaks me out a little but she gets a kick out of it.


Peyton reading to her daddy. She is so smart.

This killed me. She was so riled up and she crawled across the couch, put her head on her dad's lap and instantly fell asleep. Too cute.

~Peyton at 9 Months~

So Peyton will be exactly 9 months old on the 10th. Where did the laast 9 months go? Despite the fact that she is for sale most days, she still brings a joy to our lives that we didn't even know we were missing. For those of you who don't get to see her much, here are some Peyton lists and pictures.

Peyton's Favorite Food


-tomatoes (don't know where she gets that from...)

-salmon patties (YAY! We outnumber her dad so I can finally make them now!)



-saltine crackers

-garlic bread (her dad gave her some)


Peyton's Favorite Things

-Driving laundry baskets (She likes to get in and get pushed around)

-Wrestling with her dad (or doing anything with her dad. She's a daddy's girl.)

-Playing with her musical Tweety toy or her swoopy whistle

-Dancing with her mom

-Playing with the dishwasher (She only gets to do this if I'm putting dishes away and she sneaks up on me-it's never long)

-Going on walks

-Touching trees

-Seeing/talking to other babies

-Playing catch

-Taking all of the DVDs off of the rack

-Reading scriptures with her mom (Really. We do it before bed and she likes it.)

-Bath time!

Ummm...this is only letting me upload one picture! So I guess this is all you get!