Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I spy two kids who should not play this game.

The kids and I like playing games.  My kids especially like to play I Spy; not so much the book version, but the version where you actually look around and find something in the room and get the other people to guess.  My kids adore this game.  

My kids are also very, very bad at this game.  And it is adorable.

Juj is very specific.  She will say, "I spy with my little eye something....that plays DVDs!"  When I guess correctly on my first try that it is the DVD player, Juj is stunned.  She thinks I have magic guessing powers.  She can't figure out how I get it on the first try every time.  She loves that she can't seem to stump me.  She loves that I can read her mind.  Other gems from Juj:
I spy something that...hangs on the wall (in a room that has one picture hanging on the wall).
I spy something on the wall that you can look out of to see outside.
I spy something that makes toast.
I spy something that tastes like a peanut butter sandwich (yeah.  the answer was "the peanut butter sandwich you are eating."  Kid. Was. Amazed.  We sometimes worry about her.)

Popeye is different, though.  Here's how she plays.

Pops: I spy with my little eye!

Me: The picture frame?

Pops: No!

Me: The remote control?

Pops: No!

(Insert 10 more incorrect guesses, followed by a satisfied smile from P.)

Me: Pops, I just listed every black thing in here!  I don't see anything else that is black!

Pops: (Beaming) You give up?

Me: Yes.

Pops: Juju's shoes!

Me: What?  I thought you said black?

Pops: I did!

Me: Pops!  Her shoes are all white!

Pops: (Annoyed that she has to explain herself) Well, I couldn't tell you the right color.  It is too easy of a clue and I didn't want you to be able to guess it too quickly!