Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Peyton's Quilt

I love Mondays. Why? Because Monday is the day I get to spend with my friend, Melissa and her boys. This Monday was, in my opinion, very productive. First, we (okay, she did most of the work) made this blog. Nice, eh? Then we worked on Peyton's quilt. That' right! She is teaching me how to do girly things like make quilts.
We didn't get all the quilting done, mostly because I was awful at it and I could not stay focused. You know how it is when you do a project with a child and the kid does small parts but isn't all that helpful because they mostly just get in the way? That is how this project is. Melissa does the hard parts. I help a little, but mostly just waste time. Hooray for thrifty, patient friends!
Here is a closer picture. I love the fabric. The brown is fuzzy and bumpy. The blue is flannel. The back is silky and pink. Believe it or not, I did manage to choose the fabric with....ALMOST no help at all.

Okay. Now I'm going to post this and see what my first blog looks like.


Anonymous said...

I doubt that I would be able to contribute much to a quilt project either, so don't feel too bad. It looks soft and pretty :)

-Michelle O

Melissa said...

I LOVE Mondays, too! Sorry we weren't too productive this week...oh well. I had fun chatting with you adn the boys love you so much! Peyton's quilt is so cute and I love that you chose pink with the blue and brown.

Muum said...

Peyton? Are you having a boy? Is this his name? how awesome!

Connie said...

I love it, Courtney and I am sure that your contribution to it is much more than you are admitting. It is beee u tiful!

Sam said...

Cory! What is this! You are going to quickly surpass me in all your homemakering skillz! I LOVE YOU!!

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