Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Christmas Wish List

Peyton will be my guest blogger today.  Yes it is October and yes I am posting Peyton's Christmas wish list.  Deal with it.

Dearest Santa....and Grandparents,

First, I want to tell you how much I love you.  A lot.

Secondly, I think you should know that I have been impeccably well-behaved this year.  Really.  I mean, sure, there was the time I locked Loralie outside.  And you may have heard exaggerated tales about how I colored on mom's night stand with permanent marker. (Does nobody recognize art anymore?)   And, if you want to be picky, then yes, there was the time that I jumped on my bookshelf and caused it to collapse.

Other than those few instances (and the time I put a hole in my bedroom door-by total accident), I have been really, really good.

Because I am so good and thoughtful of others, I have compiled a list for you of gifts that I would be honored to receive.  The following gifts would not only be treasured by me, but by Juju and Mom, also!

                               Mommy and Me Shirt Set: Where the Wild Things Are Inspired
My mom reads Where the Wild Things Are to Juju and me and it is one of our favorite  books.  Wouldn't it be nice for us to have shirts that illustrated, not only our love for each other, but also our love of literature?

Best Friends Onesie/T-shirt Set (You Choose Size)
I really like these matching friendship bracelet shirts.  Juju would like them, too.  I sometimes feel like Juju might not understand how much I love her (for the last time, locking her outside was just a joke.  Some people cannot let things go).  Honestly, though.  She is my very best friend and I want everybody to know.  Plus, don't you think this would make for cute pictures, Grandma?  I would absolutely love to send you a picture of us wearing these shirts.

That concludes my list.  I know.  Just two things.  Thank you for reading and I wish you pleasant experiences as you begin your holiday shopping.

Princess Popeye


Connie said...

Dear Peyton,

I would love to help you fill your Christmas wish list. And I am very happy to hear that you have been good all year! I knew your mom was exaggerating with her stories!

Love, MeeMaw

P.S. I am making you something special, too.

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