Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm running out of titles for Peytonisms

Peyton: Mom, why does JujuBee have so many clothes and Peyton have no clothes?


Peyton: I can't cut myself!  I'll be so sad!
Chris: That's right.  Do we play with knives, Peyton?
Peyton: No!
Chris: Good job!  That's absolutely ri-
Peyton: (Interrupting) We play with forks!


Peyton was talking to her Meemaw on the phone.  She hung up, then quickly remembered she forgot to say something.  Peyton screams into the phone, "Gramma!  I want to watch a movie!  Tell my mom I said it's okay!"


Peyton drew several circle-ish shapes on our refrigerator with a dry erase marker.  They all looked more or less the same to me.  She was really excited to show me her artwork, which she had spent about 30 minutes on.

Peyton: MOM!  Come see what I did!  Mom!  Mom!  See what I did!

Me: (Scanning the refrigerator) Very nice Peyton!  Did you make circles?

Peyton: (Apalled) No!  

Me: Oh.  (Point to circle) What is that?

Peyton: It's a botato!

Me: A potato!  You're right!  Nice potato!

Peyton: (Points to different circle) See that?  What is it?

Me: A potato!?

Peyton: (Insulted/frustrated) NO!

Me: Oh....I'm sorry.  Will you tell me what it is?

Peyton: A nose!

Me: Oh!

Peyton: (Points to a circle inside of another circle)  What is that?

Me: ....You tell me!

Peyton:  A botato inside a botato.  It's fancy.

Me: I can tell.  Great job!

Peyton: (Points to several circles inside several circles) See this?  What is it?

Me: A lot of potatoes inside of potatoes?

Peyton: (Big sigh.  Irritated to the point that you could tell she just gave up) No, Mom.  They are circles.


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