Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Manti, Home, Alex, Primary

I already typed this once. Then, as I was about to post it, it froze. AGH! So here is the condensed version.

Chris and I got to go to Manti Friday to see the pageant. We stayed the night in a camping area with his parents in their trailor. Saturday we were ablt to go to the temple. The Manti temple is the most beautiful temple, inside and out, that I have ever seen. The whole area was beautiful and we had so much fun. I would post pictures but somebody didn't bring their camera like I told him to. Pictures or no pictures, we still had a ton of fun. Chris and I rarely have a day off together so the trip was a special treat for us. Speaking of days off together.......

WE ARE GOING TO OHIO IN 2 DAYS! I could not be more excited. Almost 2 work-free weeks to spend together. I cannot wait to see my brothers and sisters. They are the coolest kids ever. Speaking of which........

My little brother, Alex, won the Charlie Hustle Award for most improved player on his baseball team. I do have a picture of that.

He's awesome. Speaking of awesome kids.......

Chris and I teach a primary class and it is such a riot. Last Sunday one little boy asked, "Brother Bingham, how old do you have to be to get the mechanic Pristhood? And when you get it, do they take the ironic Priesthood away?" Isn't that cute?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Peyton's Quilt

I love Mondays. Why? Because Monday is the day I get to spend with my friend, Melissa and her boys. This Monday was, in my opinion, very productive. First, we (okay, she did most of the work) made this blog. Nice, eh? Then we worked on Peyton's quilt. That' right! She is teaching me how to do girly things like make quilts.
We didn't get all the quilting done, mostly because I was awful at it and I could not stay focused. You know how it is when you do a project with a child and the kid does small parts but isn't all that helpful because they mostly just get in the way? That is how this project is. Melissa does the hard parts. I help a little, but mostly just waste time. Hooray for thrifty, patient friends!
Here is a closer picture. I love the fabric. The brown is fuzzy and bumpy. The blue is flannel. The back is silky and pink. Believe it or not, I did manage to choose the fabric with....ALMOST no help at all.

Okay. Now I'm going to post this and see what my first blog looks like.