Thursday, April 26, 2012

Battling My Messy House

I swear, I clean my house.  Really, I do.  Sometime last week I decided I wanted to have a huge list of things that I've accomplished and I started early in the morning and began to clean things.  By the end of the day, my deep cleaning and organizing were for nothing because in order to be that productive, you must leave your children much to their own devices.  Sure, my drawers and cabinets were organized and clean, but you couldn't reach them without tripping over a hazardous pile of toys, buckets, or one of the 15 outfits Peyton put on that afternoon.

My house is only ever clean for two moments a day.  Nobody is ever here to witness those moments because they are 1) early in the morning before the babies get up and 2) after they go to bed for the night.  Really.  That's it.  At least once a week I don't even clean after they go to bed because I just used my last ounce of energy putting them to bed.  On those kinds of nights, I do have the courtesy to turn off all the lights and lamps so that Chris doesn't have to see it when he gets home from work:)

I'm thinking about all of this because I have people coming to my house tomorrow.  They do not have children so I don't want my house to frighten them.  As I began to tackle the kitchen, Peyton tugged on my shirt.

Peyton: Mom!  It's night time! Yay! I want to watch a moo-tee!
Me: (slowly scanning the livingroom) First, you need to clean up your mess.  You have paper and crayons and clothes all over the floor.
Peyton: Ugh.  But Mom, I clean my room ALL DAY (collapses from exhaustion onto the floor)!

Hahaha.  I can't wait until she is a mom with two busy babies to clean up after.  Then she'll really know what it's like to feel like you've cleaned all day:)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spoiler Alert: Peyton did NOT get a sucker.

We manage an apartment complex and we had a some banking to do today. I loaded the girlies in the stroller and walked to Wells Fargo. When we got there Peyton was very excited to get a sucker. I told her if she behaved and sat quietly while I made the deposit she could have one. I was speeding to get through the transaction as quickly as I could while the girls were still content. I felt tugging and pulling on my shirt and was impressed that Peyton was staying so close. I was nearly done when I freaked out a little because Peyton wasn't there! It was Loralie who was tugging on me. I found Peyton by the water cooler with her mouth attached to the spout as water pour out of it (Think Encino Man "wheezing the ju-uice."). I wish that was the worst part. No. She brought bubbles on our walk because we were going to go to the park afterward. She dumped the bubbles into the tray that is supposed to catch any overflow. Then she turned the water on. There. Were. Bubbles. Everywhere. You would never guess that it all went down in less than a minute. As I was apologizing to the employees, Peyton sat beside me screaming for a sucker. She didn't get a sucker. She also didn't get to go to the park to blow bubbles. Because there were no bubbles. Because she dumped them all in the water cooler.

Chris will do all of the banking until further notice.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Who Loves You?

It is very important to me that my babies know how very loved they are. At least twice a day Peyton and I have a conversation that goes a lot like this:

Me: Peyton, I love you so much! Do you know that?
P: Mmm Hmm.
Me: Who else loves you?
P: Dadda and my Juju
Me: Who else?
P: Jesus.
Me: Yes, that is absolutely right! Do Uncle Mitch and Aunt Mine love you?
P: Yes.
Me: Do Grandma and Grandpa?
P: Yes!
Me: And Meemaw and Papi?
P: Mmm Hmm!

Anyway, it goes on and on. A while ago we were talking about all the people who loved her and she got a little teary. I asked what was wrong. In the sweetest voice she asked, "Nobody loves my Juju?" I was so touched by her concern for her sister and I explained that everybody loves Juju, too. Tonight I put the babies to bed and after a bit I heard talking. When I went back to their room I heard Peyton telling her sister, "Daddy losh Juju. Mommy losh Juju. Popeye losh Juju. And Santa."

So sweet. They just melt my heart. I think every girl needs a big sister like Peyton.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Maybe Later

Peyton really makes me think twice about the things that I say.

A lot of times when she would ask for things that I didn't want her to have (mac and cheese for breakfast, candy all the time, or to play outside at 5 a.m.) my reply would be, "Not right now. Maybe later." This was better than "no." If I told her no she would throw a fit. "Maybe later" seemed to appease her.

Well, now she says it to me. A lot. Well, she sort of says it. It sounds like, "maymee yaytuh."

Me: Peyton, it's time for everybody to get ready for bed.
P: Maybe later.

Me: Sweet girl, PLEASE be more quiet. Your sister is sleeping.
P: Can't! Maybe later, okay Mom? Mom!? MAYBE LATER, OKAY?

Me:Peej, you need to hop in the tub.
P: Maybe later.

Me: Peyton, you smell like you pooped. Want to bring me a diaper so I can change you?
P: Eh, maybe later.

Or sometimes it works like this...

P: Mom! I yanna go shyimming!
Me:, Peyton. It's freezing.
P: Maybe later?


(Sitting down together as a family to eat dinner. Peyton points to her salad or other vegetable.)
P: Mom, Daddy, I eat these maybe later.

On an unrelated note, Peyton left her pigtails in all day. This is serious progress.