Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spoiler Alert: Peyton did NOT get a sucker.

We manage an apartment complex and we had a some banking to do today. I loaded the girlies in the stroller and walked to Wells Fargo. When we got there Peyton was very excited to get a sucker. I told her if she behaved and sat quietly while I made the deposit she could have one. I was speeding to get through the transaction as quickly as I could while the girls were still content. I felt tugging and pulling on my shirt and was impressed that Peyton was staying so close. I was nearly done when I freaked out a little because Peyton wasn't there! It was Loralie who was tugging on me. I found Peyton by the water cooler with her mouth attached to the spout as water pour out of it (Think Encino Man "wheezing the ju-uice."). I wish that was the worst part. No. She brought bubbles on our walk because we were going to go to the park afterward. She dumped the bubbles into the tray that is supposed to catch any overflow. Then she turned the water on. There. Were. Bubbles. Everywhere. You would never guess that it all went down in less than a minute. As I was apologizing to the employees, Peyton sat beside me screaming for a sucker. She didn't get a sucker. She also didn't get to go to the park to blow bubbles. Because there were no bubbles. Because she dumped them all in the water cooler.

Chris will do all of the banking until further notice.


Connie said...

It will all be ok. She WILL turn 3! I love you, my big Baby Girl!

Carrie Lynn said...

If I was a wells Fargo employee I would be grateful for the change of pace! There are worse things she could have put in the water cooler than bubbles ;)

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