Thursday, April 12, 2012

Maybe Later

Peyton really makes me think twice about the things that I say.

A lot of times when she would ask for things that I didn't want her to have (mac and cheese for breakfast, candy all the time, or to play outside at 5 a.m.) my reply would be, "Not right now. Maybe later." This was better than "no." If I told her no she would throw a fit. "Maybe later" seemed to appease her.

Well, now she says it to me. A lot. Well, she sort of says it. It sounds like, "maymee yaytuh."

Me: Peyton, it's time for everybody to get ready for bed.
P: Maybe later.

Me: Sweet girl, PLEASE be more quiet. Your sister is sleeping.
P: Can't! Maybe later, okay Mom? Mom!? MAYBE LATER, OKAY?

Me:Peej, you need to hop in the tub.
P: Maybe later.

Me: Peyton, you smell like you pooped. Want to bring me a diaper so I can change you?
P: Eh, maybe later.

Or sometimes it works like this...

P: Mom! I yanna go shyimming!
Me:, Peyton. It's freezing.
P: Maybe later?


(Sitting down together as a family to eat dinner. Peyton points to her salad or other vegetable.)
P: Mom, Daddy, I eat these maybe later.

On an unrelated note, Peyton left her pigtails in all day. This is serious progress.


brittany0413 said...

What I have too look forward too one day!

Melissa said...

That is seriously SOOOO cute!!!!!!!!

Emily and Mitch said...

Haha I love this! I'm sorry she is the smartest kid ever.

Connie said...

And you told me to write a book of Olivia stories. I just wonder if Olivia had an influence over Jelly.

Muum said...

She's a smart one, that's for sure! :)

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