Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Who Loves You?

It is very important to me that my babies know how very loved they are. At least twice a day Peyton and I have a conversation that goes a lot like this:

Me: Peyton, I love you so much! Do you know that?
P: Mmm Hmm.
Me: Who else loves you?
P: Dadda and my Juju
Me: Who else?
P: Jesus.
Me: Yes, that is absolutely right! Do Uncle Mitch and Aunt Mine love you?
P: Yes.
Me: Do Grandma and Grandpa?
P: Yes!
Me: And Meemaw and Papi?
P: Mmm Hmm!

Anyway, it goes on and on. A while ago we were talking about all the people who loved her and she got a little teary. I asked what was wrong. In the sweetest voice she asked, "Nobody loves my Juju?" I was so touched by her concern for her sister and I explained that everybody loves Juju, too. Tonight I put the babies to bed and after a bit I heard talking. When I went back to their room I heard Peyton telling her sister, "Daddy losh Juju. Mommy losh Juju. Popeye losh Juju. And Santa."

So sweet. They just melt my heart. I think every girl needs a big sister like Peyton.


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