Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Great Tower of Popeye

Today Peyton became irritated with Chris and she ran to her room.  Before slamming the door she screamed, "I NEVER come out AGAIN!"

Shortly after making that declaration she started throwing things at her door.  I knocked on her door and reminded her that that was unacceptable behavior (or maybe I just told her to knock it off....) and she immediately stopped.  I thought, "Heh, maybe I don't need that parenting class."

Chris and I could hear something going on in Peyton's room.  We were not too worried because it wasn't eerily quiet or destructively loud.  After a few minutes, she emerged from her room.  "Mom!  Come see!  Mom!  Look what I bee-yilt!"

I walked down the hallway.  Peyton's door was opened just wide enough for her to squeeze through.  There was no way I would fit.  I tried to push the door open but it was clear that something was blocking it.  I pushed hard and wedged it open enough for me to enter.

Peyton was standing there proudly, gazing upon what she had built.  I was bewildered and impressed.  She had stacked things against the door very neatly.  The tower was impressively well constructed.

Me:'s a baricade. must have worked very hard on this.

Peyton: (Beaming, but not in a rat fink way) Mmmhmm!  To keep you out!

Me: You built this to keep me out of your room?

Peyton: (Proud and ecstatic beyond containment)  YES!  Now you can't come in!

Chris heard the exchange from the office.  He started laughing.  Of course Peyton would invite me in her room to show me the tower she had built to keep me out.  I don't blame her.  Like I said, it was impressive.

Tomorrow I will post a picture of the fruits of her labor.


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