Monday, October 22, 2012

More things that I wish I said less.....

Before I had kids, I had hoped that I would be the type of parent who imparted Solomon-like wisdom to my children.  I laugh when I think of how far I am from that ideal.  Here are the nuggets of wisdom I shared with my children today...

"You need to wear pants."
"Don't shut your sister in a cupboard."
"Just because your dad isn't here does not mean that you are allowed to lick his things."
"Peyton, seriously!  You need to wear pants!"
"Shoes are not for eating."
"You shouldn't rub your lunch on your bum."
"Empty shampoo bottles are not cups.  Do not drink out of them."
"Dang it, Peyton!  You need to wear pants!"
"Your sister is your friend.  You shouldn't lock her in a room."
"Peyton, that is not nice to say.  Your sister is not 'the Kraken.'"
"PEYTON!  Pants are important!  Put your pants on.  NOW!


Kacee Lewis said...

Oh Court. You make me giggle! But of course I go through similar things every day!

Sarah-Ann Binning said...

All hilarious. Although, I think "Your sister is not the Kraken" is my favorite.

Courtney said...

Mine, too.

Vickey said...

My favorite is " Just because your dad isn"t here does not mean you are allowed to lick his things."

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