Friday, October 19, 2012

Peyton wants a sister. It's not happening.

I am afraid of having spoiled, entitled kids.  For this reason, we make Peyton earn a lot of privileges.  This morning she shared with Loralie and read her a book to earn a snack.  Currently, she is picking up a mess to earn television time.  I am only telling you this you that you can better understand the conversation I am about to share with you.

 Peyton: I want a sister.
Me: What!?  No!
Peyton: (Realizing she forgot her manners) May I please have a new sister?
Me: No.
Peyton: I earn a sister?
Me: No!
Peyton: But I be so good and earn one!
Me: No.  You already have a little sister!
Peyton: No, I want a nice one.
Me: Peyton, no.  I am sorry.  You cannot have a new sister right now.
Peyton:....okay.  I ask my dad.


Connie said...

I just love that kid!!!

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