Friday, June 21, 2013

Conversations I Have Had About Our Baby's Name

Popeye: Mom, can we please name my sister Cinderella?

Me: You want to name her Cinderella?

Popeye: Yes.  Or Fairy Mother.  Both are good.

Me:  Well, I'll put those on the maybe list but I don't really see it happening.

Popeye: SSHHIIIIINE! (That's how she says "fine") I will name the baby in my belly Cinderella and I will call your baby Stepmother!

She sure told me.

Me: (Emotional and hormonal and slightly unreasonable) But Chris, isn't it the most beautiful name you've ever heard?

CHris: What?  No!  We can't name our baby Guinevere!

Me:  Why not?!  You wanted a normal, feminine name.  This is so normal that it is a classic!  And very feminine!

Chris:  Court, do you really not see why we can't name our baby that?  (sigh) Someday our kids are going to have to put their names on job applications.  This poor kid will never get a job anywhere...except maybe Midieval Times.

Me: Sssshhiiiiine!!

Okay guys, I know that I can't name a human Guinevere.  Although I think it is the most beautiful name in the whole world, I think I'd be too embarrassed to call her it in public.  People wouldn't take me seriously.  I would always be the lady who named her kid Guinevere.  This name only ever sounds like a great idea when I am incredibly hormonal.


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