Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Daddy Love, Cleanliness, Fibs, and Favorite Foods

P loves her dad.  Actually, that is an understatement.  She absolutely adores him.  He is her favorite.  I know this, because she told me :)  She also demonstrates it in various ways. For example:

When Chris leaves, Popeye opens the window and shouts after him, "Dad!  I love you!  Be safe!  Don't get eaten by a dragon and die because I don't want you to be dead! Don't be dangerous!  You're the best dad!  I love youuuuuuuu!"

When I leave Popeye shouts, "Mom!  Can I earn iPad time?"


Recently, Chris taught our FHE lesson.  It was on cleanliness and order (it was supposed to be on family but when I came home to a disaster 3 days in a row we decided to change the lesson plan).  He and Popeye had this conversation:

P: Will the Spirit be really mad at us if we are not clean?

Husband: No, the Spirit won't get mad, but we usually can't feel the Spirit if we don't clean our messes and our house is disorderly.

P: The Spirit won't be here when we're messy?

Husband: He might visit but He won't stay.

P:  Can't you tell him to just come back in 5 minutes?


Juju: Popeye tooted!

Popeye: (Death glare) Lying makes you fat, Juj.

While I appreciate her effort to discourage fibbing, I think she was misguided.  I also think that she misunderstood the term "big, fat liar."


Me: Pops, do you want to help me make dinner?

P: Oooo what's for dinner?

Me: I'm making your favorite food!


Me: ...No.

P: Well, that's too bad.


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