Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This is a post about Juj.

When Loralie was first born she was the complete opposite of Peyton.  The pregnancies were different.  The deliveries were different.  Peyton was this tiny little thing who was very alert and fussed unless she was being held.  Loralie was a great big baby who slept a lot and didn't mind being put down.  Peyton was either excited or irritated.  Loralie was just mellow.  Peyton wanted a bink and a bottle.  Loralie wanted no binks or bottles.  She wanted to nurse.  A lot. 

Anyway, the differences were incredible to me.  I thought they would stay that way.  As Loralie got a little older, I knew that would not be the case.  I knew that the two girls had very similar spirits.  My first indication was when Loralie was 14 months old.  I turned from the kitchen into the hallway to see Loralie coming out of the bathroom brushing her hair.  With the toilet wand.  Peyton did this exact thing at 15 months old (I checked my journal to see when it was exactly).  I still feel grossed out thinking about it.

The older Loralie gets, the more I chuckle at her rat fink streak.  I'm sure it will drive me crazy later (and it sort of does now, occasionally) but I love watching Loralie bother Peyton the way little sisters do.

Loralie is easily bored on car rides.  Frequently, to pass time she will annoy Peyton.  Usually it starts with Peyton looking out the window and Loralie looking around, realizing that she is going to be in the car seat for a while.  Loralie then looks at Peyton and calmly says, "No."  Peyton will look at her, confused, and say, "Umm...yes, Juj."  Then Loralie will shrug and cooly say, "No."  

Peyton: Don't say "no" to me, Juj.
Loralie: (A little more forcefully, but not with a ton of emotion) No!
Peyton: Juj!  Stop! Don't say "no" to me!
Loralie: NO! (Pointing finger)
Peyton: YES!
Loralie: NO!
Peyton: YES!
Loralie: NO!

This goes on for about two minutes.   Peyton starts to scream and Loralie starts to smile.  Peyton starts to cry and Loralie starts to openly giggle.  All the while the "no" "yes" fight rages  on.  Then the conversation transitions.

Peyton: Mom!  Juj keeps saying "no" to me!  She won't stop!
Me: Hmm...Did you ask her nicely?
Peyton: (Through tears) Juj, will you please stop?
Juj: ......No! (Big smile)

By this time Peyton is trying to hit Loralie, while Loralie continues laughing, knowing that Peyton cannot reach because they are both strapped in car seats.  I'm getting a little crazy trying to drive with the fits.  

Me: Juj, will you please choose the right and be nice to Peyton?
Loralie: Okay.
Me:  Will you apologize?
Loralie: Sorry, Popeye.
Peyton: (through sobs, with snot streaming down her face): It's okay, Juj.  I love you.
Loralie: I love you, Popeye.

Loralie is very content with this scene every single time we are in the car longer than 5 minutes.  Such an instigator.   I have tried and tried to explain to Peyton that Loralie is just trying to drive her crazy but she gets sucked into it every time.

I remember being young and fighting with my siblings over nothing and getting really upset about it.   It is so weird to see my kids do it now (at a much younger age).  We have a very long drive ahead of us tomorrow. I'm sure this will be less funny to me by the end of it.


Tara Martin said...

This made me laugh and it made me excited for emma to have a sister.

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