Monday, February 4, 2013

Muscles, Mangoes, Beards, Boyfriends, and Faith.

Peyton and Loralie thought it would be a great idea to dump powdered sugar all over my floor.  I thought it would be a great idea for them to clean it up.  After if was sort of cleaned I asked Peyton to put the vacuum cleaner away.  She tried and struggled and said, "Mom, it's not working!  I'm not strong muscles.  Like Tarzan.  I'm just me, Peyton!  I'm a kid."

I helped her and she later requested a salad so that her muscles would get big.  That isn't exactly how it works, but I didn't tell her.  Why ruin a good thing?

Me: Girls, it is time to go to bed.
Peyton: Mom, I can't just lie there like a mango!


Peyton: Where is daddy?
Me: He had to go away to work, remember?
Peyton: Because you need to grow a beard?


I had a class on Saturday and a sweet friend of mine offered to watch the girls.  She has a son around Peyton's age and a daughter around Loralie's age.  Peyton was a little nervous about meeting new friends so I got on Facebook and showed her their pictures.  She saw the boy and said in a voice that was almost flirty, "Hmm...I'm gonna hold his hand!"


Me: Peyton, will you please pick up your mess?
Peyton: But I can't!  It is too, too hard!
Me:  You can do it, Peyt!  I have faith in you!
Peyton: Faith in me?
Me: Yes!
Peyton: No.  We have faith in Jesus.


Unknown said...

those made me laugh!!!! My favorite is the cleaning up one. I don't want to clean up's too hard.
I don't know why it's saying I'm unknown...this is melissa m.

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