Thursday, February 28, 2013

My kids made me crazy yesterday, but I still think they are awesome. I should quit my job and grad school so we can have more fun times and less times that require disinfecting cleanser.

I am a busy lady.  I try to only do homework after the kids go to bed, but sometimes I have to finish an assignment before bedtime.  Yesterday was one of those times.  I was on my bed with my laptop and Loralie was hanging out with me, keeping me company because she loves me.....and because Peyton locked her out of their room.  I was nearly done with my assignment and Loralie started rubbing my back.  She was so sweet....until I realized that she was rubbing my back with the dang dry erase marker.  All over my brand new shirt!  I had just taken the tags off!

I went in the bathroom and tried to get the dang marker off.  I shut the door to keep Juj out.  She had done enough damage.  When I opened the door and walked back to my room, I found Loralie there, stark naked. She had pooped and taken her diaper off.  I caught her scooting her butt across my carpet.  Like a dog.  She was wiping her poopy butt on the carpet of my bedroom, which I had JUST cleaned.  Then, she stood in triumph with her hands in the air and said, "I DEED EET!"


I cleaned her up.  Then I cleaned the floor.  My room, which had just been cleaned, now smells like poop.

Later, I was making dinner.  Before I go on, I should tell you that Peyton has gotten into a lot of trouble in the bathroom.  To me, Peyton's bathroom is a disgusting, germ-filled place which I try to avoid, except for when I'm cleaning it.  To Peyton, it is the greatest place on earth, with an adventure tucked in every corner.  For example, She once ripped up an entire roll of toilet paper and put it in the toilet.  After if was a soggy, cloggy mess, she took handfuls of the stuff out and made snow balls out of them.  And threw them.  In the bathroom.

See what I'm saying?

Anyway, because of these kinds of episodes, Peyton lost bathroom door privileges.  She's not allowed to shut the bathroom door anymore.  She does her business with it open.

She has been pretty responsible lately (for a 3-year-old), so I thought I would give Peyton another shot with the closed door thing.  Until yesterday she had done pretty well (with the exception of a cleaning mishap, which I will not go into).

As I was fixing dinner last night, I thought to myself, "Hmm, Peyton has been in there a long time."  When I went into the bathroom, not only was I greeted by a cloud of baby powder thick enough to induce breathing problems, but Peyton was shirtless.  And she was dunking her shirt in the toilet.  Which she had just used and not flushed.  Before I could say anything Peyton said, "But Mom, I just trying to choose the right."

So I cleaned that nasty mess up and threw Peyton in the tub.  I ran her shirt to the washing machine to find that Loralie had pulled a chair over to the coat closet, climbed on it, and pulled down a massive box of beads.  There were beads everywhere.  Hundreds of them.  When she was caught she gave me puppy dog eyes and said, "Bath?"

I am confident that today will be much better :)


Connie Sandoval said...

I am often ask how I could have eight kids. I am pretty sure that the answer is that none of them were Peyton or Loralie. You are a better woman than I am. But, some day, you will appreciate the exploratory nature they have!!!

Courtney said...

I also forgot to mention that while I was cleaning up after Loralie I heard Peyton screaming in her room. She had pulled her closet door off and it had fallen on top of her.

Kids are bad on deposits.

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