Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Boogers, Racket, Art, and Prayers

Peyton: Mom, may I please play with the iPad?
Me: No, but thank you for asking nicely.
Peyton: Mom, is it because of my boogers?  Because they stopped falling out!


Last night the girls were both in their room.  It was late and they should have been sleeping but Loralie was fussing.  After a few minutes of hearing her fuss, I heard Peyton open the door.  I peered down the hallway and saw her leading Loralie by the hand to my room.
Me: Peyton, what do you think you are doing?
Peyton: Oh, there you are.  Loralie wants to sleep in your bed.
Me: I know, but she can't.  It is important that she sleeps in her own bed.
Peyton: But Mom, she really wants to.  And I don't like her crying.  It's racket.

Then she put Loralie's hand in my hand, walked back to her room, and shut the door.  She is a girl who knows how to get things done.


A friend brought some of his art over to my apartment.  Peyton was looking at one of the sculptures of a man's head (statues?  Not sure the official artsy name of the art, but it was impressive) and said in awe, "Mom, I think this one has a mandible!  It is so beautiful!"


Peyton likes Cheerios.  She also likes to sprinkle a little pinch of sugar on them.  I prepared her bowl of cereal, like I always do, and she requested sprinkles, like she always does.  I told her that we needed to bless the food first because Loralie was waiting pretty patiently with folded arms.  Peyton said, "Okay, I'll say it."
Her prayer:
Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank Thee for this day and so many blessings.  Please bless my mom to be soooo helpful and give me sprinkles.  Thanks for Juj.  Help Uncle Mitch to choose the right and not get me in trouble all the time.  I just wanted to play with the iPad.  And make mom give me sprinkles.  Help Dad to be helpful in his job.
In Jesus' name, Amen.

After her prayer, I gave her a pinch of sugar to sprinkle on her cereal and she shouted, "IT WORKED!"


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