Monday, July 13, 2009

Ohio-Part 4

Cornhole. It is a classic Ohio pastime. At the Souza house, though, it is much more than that. It is a serious competition. No room for sissies. We take no prisoners. Not too many people westward seem to have heard of it but it is a simple enough game to understand. It is sort of a cross between horseshoes and a beanbag toss. There are 2 boxes with holes in the centers placed across from each other, as shown in the picture below. You need 2 teams with 2 players on each team. Both teams have one player at each box. Each team has 4 beanbags and the first two opponents take turns tossing their beanbag in the hole and trying to knock the other's off of the box. You get 3 points for putting your bag through the hole and 1 point for getting it to land on the box. When one side has finished, their team members from the other side take their turns. First to 15 wins.

This is Chris, thinking he stands a chance against Dad and I (Team Fat Boys). Dad is very serious about this game. He built and painted his own boxes.
Me with my game face on. Just getting the job done.
Team Fat Boys has prevailed. We actually beat all of the teams who dared to challenge us. Yes, we are that good.
Team Buttfaces (Adam and Chris) were sore sports.


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