Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ohio-Part 1

Doing one blog takes me at LEAST one hour. So this will be done in steps since I don't have 6 hours to do it all at once.

Chris and I just got home yesterday from an amazing trip to Ohio. The camera wouldn't cooperate for some of the more important Adam's wedding and Andy's baptism. Here are some other highlights though.

We arrived in Ohio on Thursday, June 25th. Friday morning Olivia decided that we needed to take her to the pool. Chris, the kids, and I had so much fun! The pastey Utahns got sunburns, though.This was before anybody had a chance to get in the water.

Here is the group. Aunt Kathy even came to join us!
Chris and Alex LOVED the diving board. Chris was also a big fan of the water slide.


Melissa said...

I was hoping for a pic of your new swim suit! I'm glad you had fun. We missed you!

Connie said...

OK Babe, where is part 2? I miss you already!

Muum said...

looks like fun!

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