Monday, July 13, 2009

Ohio-Part 3

We had a lot of parties at Mom and Jose's house. This was my favorite. I don't know why I only ended up with 3 stupid pictures. It was for my Abuela's birthday and I can't even find any pictures of her and I! We had a lot of fun and Chris ate VERY well. There was soooo much food. The whole family played kickball. We had all the old people against the younger people. It was hysterical to see my parents and uncles and aunts run after they managed to kick the ball.
This is my cousin Lis and I. She is due a month before I am. We kept each other company and guarded the food table and consoled each other when our insensitive family made fat jokes:)
This was just funny to watch. The kids got their fancy frizbee thing stuck in the tree. My brother stood on the hood of the truck and watched Cecilia's progress as she attempted to knock the frizbee out of the tree.
Don't know what this picture is but I THINK it is a picture of Jose waiting for people to leave his house:)


Melissa said...

I'm glad you got to go and that you had soooooo much fun. Did they ever get the frisbe out of the tree? I'm glad you're back. Thanks for running around with me all day:)

Connie said...

Courtney, don't you have a mother? She seemed to get NO attention from you the entire trip! And didn't you get any photos of your brother's wedding since that is the reason you went to Ohio in the first place!?

Connie said...

I miss you!!! Come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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