Monday, November 12, 2012

Peyton Picture

I love the surprises that I get from Peyton during or immediately following nap time.

A few days ago she woke up and came into the office/junk room while I was doing homework.  She said, "Look, Mom" in a sleepy voice.  I turned around and saw this...

Photo: Who is that?

Basically, she is the coolest, best dressed kid that ever lived.

Please ignore the old baby stuff randomly falling out of boxes.  I told you.  Our office doubles as a place to hide random things that we no longer use but I can't handle parting with.  To be fair, Chris cleans it twice a week.  The girls just love pulling their old stuff out of boxes as I attempt to do homework.


teresaS said...

I may be your newest follower. I'm a post menopausal mother of 3, grandma of 4, who finds herself awake at random times during the night, due to some wacky hormonal thing...I guess. My one thought after spending the last half hour (it's 2am!) reading your most entertaining and hilarious blog is ... I need a nap. Really bad! What a funny reminder of the joys of raising little blessings. Some days I actually miss those days. Others, I am so thankful that I can put my feet up at any time of the day, take a nap, or a shower, or read a book. You will one day, too. Right now, it seems like a lifetime away. For me, it seems like yesterday that I was living your life. What FUN it is, being a mom! The greatest thing you will ever do or accomplish!
Keep writing... (your friend Rebecca Clair referred me to the blog).
Funny things my GRANDS (granddaughters) say:
Grandma, can I please move in with you. I don't like living here! They don't let me do ANYthing. See? The cute-isms never end...and Im soooo glad!!

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