Thursday, November 15, 2012

A few things that make me the luckiest mom ever

I want to set the record straight.  My children are a delight.  Really.  I love them and I want lots more.

I sometimes worry that because of posts like this and this some people are under the mistaken impression that my children are heathens (mostly Peyton).  Because I don't want you to have the wrong idea, here are a few things that my girlies do that make them incredible.

At least once a day, Peyton brings me a blanket and asks if we can snuggle.  Every day.  I drop everything I am doing and sit on the couch with her, Loralie, and our blanket and we watch cartoons.  When I need to get up and fix a meal or get ready for work or clean something that can no longer be put off, Peyton thanks me for snuggling and asks me if I need help.

Peyton and Loralie are the most forgiving kids ever. If we experience a misunderstanding that is totally my fault, they are so quick to get over it and give me a hug.  Example: Last night I put the girls to bed and Peyton got up about a thousand times.  The last time she got up I completely went off on her.  I am very embarrassed to say that I raised my voice and stomped toward her. (Bad parenting.  I know, okay?  I really don't act like that usually which is why I think she reacted this way.)  Her lip started to quiver and before exploding into tender sobs she held up a cup and explained that she was trying to get a drink for Loralie because she was really thirsty.  Broke my heart.  I knelt down and hugged my baby that was crying because I was a jerk when she was just trying to help.  I apologized and she pat me on the back and said through tears, "It's okay. I always love you.  We have to be best friends, okay? I just help you."  We got Loralie her water and as I tucked Peyton back into  bed she told me that I was the best mom.  I know.  I was so undeserving and it is like she didn't even notice.

I rarely feel unappreciated because Peyton and Loralie follow me around and express joy and excitement at every unremarkable thing I do.  Peyton will say, "Wow, Mom!  Nice sweeping!" and Loralie will followup by smiling and clapping her hands. And when I peel potatoes Loralie bounces up and down smiling and Peyton tells me, "Whoa! You are so fast!"

When Loralie thinks somebody is sad she pats them on the head, rubs their cheek with her sticky hand and gives them 50 kisses. Melts my heart every time.

Peyton regularly tells me that I am beautiful like a princess.  She really believes it, too.  Even when I am in my pajamas and haven't done my hair.

Loralie and Peyton are so compassionate.  At the grocery store we passed a mother who had a crying toddler in her cart.  Loralie leaned over to try to pat him and Peyton said, "It's okay, boy.  Can I hug you?"  Thinking that his mother was the cause of his crying, Peyton kindly said to her, "He is so sad.  Choose the right, okay?"  We left the store twenty minutes later at the same time as this mother and child and Peyton exclaimed, "He is so happy now!" Loralie clapped and bounced up and down.  I love how they genuinely care about everybody.

Honestly, I could write all day about every perfect thing that my girls do, but it wouldn't even begin to scratch the surface of their wonderfulness.  You will just have to believe me when I tell you that they are the bomb-diggity.


Carrie Lynn said...

I love these posts just as much as I love the airport adventures you have. Seems to me like having toddlers makes for adventures that are both beautiful and stressful. I love being a mom and I love your kids who I have never met but intend to.

Tara Martin said...

:) Loved this!

Connie said...

I don't know how I missed this one, but I am so glad that I found it. Courtney, I miss those munchkins and I am soooo happy that you do see the wonderful things they do and say. They will grow up so quickly. This one reminded me of you as a little girl. You were always concerned about others. Your question to all was "Are you happy?"

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