Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Catch Ya Next Year, Carols!

I love that Peyton enjoys listening to the radio so much. She always likes to have it on. It is fun to see her get excited about songs that she likes. She dances around and has a blast. It is also interesting to see her reactions to songs she does NOT like. So many songs are familiar to her and when she hears the beginnings of songs that she doesn't care for, she marches over to the radio and pushes buttons until it turns off. I do the same thing.

Peyton and I especially love Christmas music and now that Christmas is over we are going to miss many Christmas songs very much. Not all songs, though. Here is a list of songs we are happy to stop hearing and will not miss at all (in no particular order).

1) Where Are You Christmas? Yuck! For reasons I don't quite understand, I just dislike this song.

2) Christmas Shoes Maybe I'm just cynical, but I don't see that really happening. If a boy's mom is dying, I don't think he'd busy himself right before Christmas by getting shoes for his mother. Also, if he wasn't old enough to count the change before paying for the shoes to see if there was enough money, should his father have let him go alone to a busy store during a busy time of year? No, I don't think so.

3) Any post-Beatles Beatles song. I'm talking about you, And So This Is Christmas and Wonderful Christmas Time. The first is kind of depressing to me and it makes me feel like I've spent the entire afternoon driving in a car that was too warm. And for the other, well, my Christmas time just doesn't feel wonderful when I listen to it.

4) My Grown-Up Christmas List- I feel like somebody tried too hard to make a Christmas song and just wrote what they thought everybody wanted to hear.

While we are glad to see these go, there are some songs that I just can't handle the idea of going a year without. Those songs are Breath of Heaven, Carol of the Bells, and the non-Jessica Simpson versions of Baby, It's Cold Outside. Peyton and I will continue listening to them all year....whenever Chris isn't around to wrinkle his nose at us:)

What are your favorites/least favorites?


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