Friday, December 30, 2011

25 Things to Accomplish Before I Turn 25

So I was reading my friends' blogs and thinking about how they lead such impressing lives! They DO things. They accomplish things. They grow in so many aspects. They do new things. They go new places, AND they do this being just as poor as I am! I was looking over the last few years and trying to think of things I've done or ways I've grown. I know I've done things (had kids) and grown (4 pant sizes)...but I want to see a list of things and know that I did that. Does this make sense to anybody? I'm tired of "humdrum." Anyway, I have a list of things I am going to do/accomplish. Twenty-five things, to be exact. And a year from now when I turn twenty-five I will say, "Yep! These are the things I did this year!."

1) Run a 5K (emphasis on the word "run")
2) Start scrapbooks for Loralie and Peyton
3) Go to Lava Hot Springs and have fun
4) See a waterfall that isn't in Idaho Falls
5) Go swimming (would you believe I haven't gone swimming in almost 3 years!?)
6) Make a blanket (or maybe dresses for the girls (?) that is more than just a bunch of squares sewn together
7) Go to a dance (would you also believe that I have only ever danced with Chris ONE time?)
8) Potty train Peyton (this should be worth two spots)
9) Learn how to can something
10) Make a turkey dinner by myself...without botching the turkey
11) Go to the fair (or a zoo with giraffes. They are not really similar, I just want to do one of them)
12) Milk a cow or goat (always wanted to do that)
13) Grow something outside. Flowers? Peppers? Have not decided yet.
14) Visit a temple that I have not yet attended
15) Do the splits!
16) Make a cute craft that I can display in my house
17) Sing in front of people (something I haven't done in almost 4 years)
18) Get to the point where I only check Facebook 2 or 3 times a week
19) Go fishing
20)Go camping
21) Build something with a hammer and a shelf
22) Do genealogy and find 3 new ancestors
23) Read a classic book
24) Keep a journal
25) Surprise Chris with a romantic, candlelit dinner

Sometime this year I would also like to have a family picture taken where we don't look like the Clampetts. I am not going to make that a goal, though, since I cannot control the kiddlings.

These are all realistic goals (though many of them do not meet the goal standards set by social work professionals). Mostly simple, silly things, but my goals just the same. Please hold me accountable for these things, friends! I will update you on my progress!


Carrie Lynn said...

Hooray for this list! You can do it!
You should go to Mesa Falls, or any water fall in Yellowstone. They are so pretty.

Also, you should read East of Eden by John Steinbeck. He is the best and that book was my best friend for a while.

Darling One said...

I can help you with the canning one. We can make jam or can fruit anytime you want. I have everything except the fruit so just give me a call.

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