Monday, November 17, 2014

A Year Ago...

Again, this is an old post from last year, right before I had Caroline.  

*~*At my chiropractic appointment*~*

P: (To the doctor) You can make my mom's back go pop pop.  But don't pop the baby out of her belly.

Dr: Okay, I definitely won't do that.

P: Yeah, because it isn't Halloween, yet.  

Dr: Nope.  She still has to wait.

P: Yeah, and when the baby explodes out of her belly it will be so loud.  Like BA-BOOM! (Jumps with hands in the air).  You will have to cover your ears.  

Juj: BA-BOOM (Covers ears)

She actually thinks my stomach is going to explode.  I really thought that we had cleared that up when we had this talk.  So much hard work and it didn't even stick.


In line at the grocery store P was making everybody smile.

P: Mom, you are so beautiful.  

Me: Thank you!  I think you are beautiful, too.

P: And you are nice, and that is really important!

Me: YOU are nice, too!

P: And you are strong and brave.

At this point older women were looking on with big smiles.  Popeye looked at them and continued a conversation with them.

P: My mom is strong and smart and brave and nice.  And she isn't big like a hippo, no.  There is a baby in that belly!

My cheerleader and advocate.  Love that kid.


P: Mom, do you have an arranged marriage?

Me: What?  No!

P: You didn't save anybody from bad guys?

Me:  There were no people to save.

P: Oh.  Did you marry my dad because you had a duty to your heart?

Me: ...Yes.

P: He's a prince.

Me: Mmm hmmm.

P: Do you think my dad is hubba hubba?

Me: Yes.

P: I thought so.  (Sigh) I hope I get to marry somebody who is hubba hubba.


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