Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tempers, Cows, and Underwear

Juj and Popeye were in a heated discussion.  Juj lost her temper and threw a toy across the room.

Me: Juj, do you have something you'd like to say?

Juj:(scowling) What?

Me: You need to apologize for losing your temper like that.

Juj: (Exasperated) I didn't lose my temper!  Popeye lost my temper!


Pops did something nice.

Me: Thank you, ya big sweetheart!

Popeye: Thank you, ya big, sweet cow!

I chuckled because I know Pops is fond of cows and she meant this as a very sincere compliment.

Me: (still chuckling) Pops, that is so sweet and it made me feel good, but you probably shouldn't call other people a cow.

Popeye: (Confused) Why not?

Me: It might hurt somebody else's feelings if you call them a cow.

Popeye: (Dumbfounded) I don't see why.  The cow is a perfectly lovely animal.


Pops has been wearing dresses a lot lately.  She got cold yesterday and pulled her dress up to wrap the fabric around her arms.

Me: P, please put your dress down.

Popeye: Why?

Me: People can see your undies.  It is inappropriate.

Popeye: But...my underwear are new.

Me: I know, but it is still inappropriate.

Popeye: (Very skeptical and snotty) So it's inappropriate?  Even if my underwear are new.

Me: Yes.

Then Peyton exhaled loudly as she slowly put her dress back down.  Guys, I swear she rolled her eyes at me.  A year ago the kid thought I was a genius who knew everything about everything.  Now she doesn't even think I am smart enough to know if it is okay to show the world your underwear.  I hear it is only going to get worse.


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