Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It is hard to be a sister.

I grew up with several sisters.  Now, my sisters are my favorite people, my closest friends, and some of my biggest cheerleaders.  It hasn't always been this way, though.  We used to fight a lot.  I often have a difficult time remembering those days because my sisters and I have been so close for the last....8ish years.  Occasionally, though, I watch my girls interact with one another and I laugh.  When I see them argue I can remember the days when fighting and bickering with my sisters was a regular occurance.  I hope that this fighting is something they look back on one day and laugh.  If they are lucky, they will grow to appreciate each other as much as I appreciate my sisters!

The Closet

I saw Popeye looming around the living room, behaving suspiciously.  Then I heard thumps and cries coming from the closet.  I was a little frustrated because I have talked to the girls 100 times about why we shouldn't lock people in the closet.  Juj was frantically begging to be freed.  The door doesn't open from the inside.

Me: Popeye, I told you not to lock your sister in the closet.

P: I know....but why?

Me: Because it is dark in there and is scares Juju!

P: Ugh.  Okay.  (Opens door) I release the Kraken!

Juj proceeded to run out of the closet and into my arms.  Through tears I could make out the words, "Popeye not choosing the right! She was not listening to me!"  It took a while to calm her down, but before long she and Pops were off playing again.

It wasn't more than an hour later when I heard the familiar pounding coming from the living room closet.  Popeye was standing guard outside the closet door, giving gentle reassurances to her sister.  "It's okay, Juj Bee!  See if it is fun in there!"

I was so angry!  Popeye saw me and seemed to read my mind.  She quickly said, "Mom, I'm not in trouble because I gave her a flashlight this time!  It isn't dark in there anymore!"

Well, she had tried to implement a change.  How could I be mad?  I still insisted that we free Juj from the closet.  Popeye opened the door reluctantly.  Juj came flying out....with a nightlight in her hand.  Once again she ran into my arms, traumatized.  Once again she communicated through tears and sobs, "Mom, Popeye is bothering me!  Make her go away from me!"

The Disagreement

The girls always find a way to pass the time when they are stuck in the van on our way to and from errands.  Generally, they read, sing, or sleep.  Oftentimes, though, Juj likes to stir the pot and start arguments. 

P:  Hey Juj, what do you think we should name our new baby?  (Frequent topic of discussion)

J: Yellow.

P: Yellow!?  No!  That's a terrible name!  I think we should name the baby Baby Caroline.

J: (Smile) Yellow.

P: No!  Don't say "Yellow" to me!  We have to name our sister Caroline.

J: (Calmly, with a smile) How 'bout Blue?

P: (Uncontrollably furious) NO!  NO!  Why do you say that, Juj!?  We can't name our baby that!  It isn't our baby's fault that it is just a tiny little baby that can't talk and it going to explode out of Mom's belly!  We can't name her a bad name!  She has to be Caroline! 

Juj had no reply and Peyton seemed content that she had made her point.  She calmed down.  We rode in silence for a short time.  Then Juj looked at Popeye.  Juj knew that she had the duties of a little sister and she knew she could not neglect those duties.  

With a smile on her face, Juj broke the silence and said, "Yellow!"

Another Squabble

P: Juj, it is almost my birthday!

J: It's my birthday, too!

P: No, Juj.  You had a birthday Saturday.  It is my turn to have a birthday.

J: Me, too!

P: (Crying) But Juj!  It isn't fair!

J:  Don't say "fair" to me!

P:  FINE, Juj!  You can't marry me!  And you are not my sister anymore.  Ever!  And you can't play with my toys!  And no more games!  No more spinning in circles!  No more tickling!  No more exercising!  No more cuddling with my Sully!  No more reading stories or sharing my treats or helping you!  AND I'M GIVING ALL YOUR STUFF TO THE D.I.!


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