Monday, May 13, 2013

Why My Kids Are Awesome

They love to educate others.

Peyton: Mom, if you plant a seed in dirt it can grow into a tree and the tree gets leaves and apples grow and you can pick them!  But you wash them in water before you eat them.

Me:  Wow, Peyt!

Peyton: Did you know that or was it a surprise?

They are honest.

Me: Isn't this beautiful, Juj?

Juju: No! 'S not byoo-shoo!  I don't like it!

They keep me honest.

Peyton: May we please have ice cream?

Me: Sure, but there is only a little left so let's not tell your dad (Wink).

(A few hours later Chris walks in the room after getting home from work)

Peyton:  Mom, we have to tell Dad we ate the ice cream.

They remind me to dream big!

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up, Peyton?

Peyton: A princess and a ballerina and a person who rides elephants.  And maybe have a beard.

They remind me to make time for relaxation.

Peyton: Mom, I think it is quiet time.  Wanna snuggle and watch a movie?

They remind me to be my best self.

Peyton: Mom, do you say "crap" or "shut up" or "stupid" or "can't?"

Me: No.

Peyton:  Good.  Because we don't say that.  Those are bad words.

They remind our neighbors (who I don't know) to be their best selves.

The neighbors were screaming all kind of colorful things in front of the complex.  Peyton yelled out the window, "Hey, guys!  We don't say shut up!  It's a bad word!"  Juj supported her with an enthusiastic, "Yeah!"

They know how to brighten my day.

Peyton: Mom, are you being a grumpy ratfink?

Me: Yeah, I suppose I am a little.

Peyton: Okay.  I will sit on your lap and snuggle you for a long time and it will make you soooo happy.  Wanna read me a book?

When they get tired they don't just get cranky.  They get cranky and a little funny.

Reasons exhausted Juju has cried today:

1) She wanted to Skype Unco Annee (Uncle Andy) but nobody answered.
2) She thought she had a stinky armpit.  She didn't want to have a stinky armpit.
3) Peyton took the good mac and cheese (their mac and cheese was identical- from the exact same pot).
4) Peyton stole her nose and wouldn't give it back.
5) She doesn't want to wear tennis shoes.  She wants pirate shoes.


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