Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I love being a mother.  I love watching my girls interact with each other.  I really love that they insist that the other is their best friend.

Well, they are usually best friends.  Almost always.  Sometimes it is difficult to have a best friend/sister, though.  This is a conversation we had in our home today......

Peyton: Juj! Gimme the iPad!  I want Counting Ants!

Juj: No, thank you, Popeye.

Peyton: JUJ!  You can't say, "No, Peyton" to me!  I really need the iPad!

(Juj continues to ignore Peyton jumping around, begging, and reaching for the iPad.)

Peyton: (Collapsing on the floor) Juju ruins my life!

I seriously don't even know where she got that.  Really, where did it come from?  I suspect it has something to do with the colorful arguments that can be heard from one of the apartments in our complex. I was also a little worried because I'm pretty sure I was in jr. high before I accused anybody of "ruining my life" (Sorry, Mom).

Me: (Serious mom voice) Peyton, we do not say that about our sister.  We love each other.  Juj just started playing with that.  She got it first and now you have to wait.

Peyton: But she does ruin my life.  And I had it first!  I got it 3 months ago!

We then had a long talk about how sometimes sisters can make us feel upset, but that doesn't mean that they are ruining our lives.  We talked about how Juju brought Peyton a snack today and how good that made Peyton feel.  I pointed out that it made Peyton's life happy.  She really didn't understand.  She acknowledged that Juju made her happy with snacks, but that she ruined her life by not sharing.  The girls were invited to go downstairs to the neighbor's apartment but I thought Peyton might be able to benefit more from doing an act of service for her sister.  Peyton fought against it for a while but eventually worked really hard to make Juju's bed for her.

Me:  Peyton, you just did a really nice thing for your sister.  How did that make you feel?

Peyton:  Good.  Because I like to make beds.  And I love Juj.  But she did ruin my life, Mom.  Really.  She really did.

Me:  Well, I think that she just made you feel upset.  Your life is not ruined because you feel good now!  See?

Peyton:  Yeah.  But no.  It is still ruined....  Can I go play with Juju now?  

We are going to keep working appropriate ways to express our frustrations.  And don't worry.  The girls are best friends again.


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