Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What Peyton Learns at Preschool

Peyton has been in preschool this semester and she LOVES it.  It has been really good for her and I've seen her grow up and change so much.  Her tantrums are fewer and she actually shares now.  She also randomly started using full sentences.  With big words.  Friday will be her last day of preschool.  As it comes to an end I have been looking over everything that she has learned this year. When she gets home from school I always ask her what she learned.  Occasionally I write down her responses.  Here are a few of her responses when asked, "What did you learn today, Peyton?"

"Umm...we not eat grass!  It's bad!"

"We learned buttons!"

"Don't pick your nose!"

Shrug.  "Three little pigs."

"Did you know there's cooties?"

"If you share, you have so many friends!  If you not share, you're Tabitha."

"Hot chocolate!"

"If you touch a booger, wash your hands!"

"I ate a pumpkin."

"I learned stickers and rocks!"

"Wear panties every day and don't take them off and don't poop in them!  No pee, either!"

"Ummm....I think I learned painting.  I think."

Sigh "Mom, I'm sleepy exhausted.  I can talk after my nap."


I'm sad that it is over but I'm so glad that she was able to participate and grow so much!  I'm also glad that they taught her all of the important things. It makes my job so much easier ;)


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