Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Waking up is hard to do.

I love Peyton.  And Loralie.

A few days ago Peyton wanted to read books in her room with Loralie and me.  It was pretty early in the morning and Loralie was still sleeping.  I told Peyton that she would have to wait until Loralie woke up.  She shrugged and said, "Okay.  No problem."

I smiled at her grown-up attitude as she walked down the hall to the bathroom.  I heard the sink immediately and thought, "Aww...Peyton is so big!  She gets her own cups of water and tells me 'no problem.'"

Seconds later I heard the pitter-patter of Peyton feet.  Then a shrill, horrifying scream.  I ran to the girls' room, toward the sound of the screaming/crying.

Loralie was sitting up in her crib, looking to me for help with a confused expression on her face.  Wet hair clung to one side of her head and water was dripping down her sleepy face into her eyes.  She was too distraught to even wipe it away.  Peyton stood near the crib with a proud expression on her face.  Before I could say anything, she smiled in triumph and said, "She's awake now!  We can read books!"

My poor, sweet Juju.  What a terrible way to wake up.  I never had a sister throw a cup of cold water on me, but I did wake up once by getting thrown into a pool by my dad.  Not pleasant.

I explained to Peyton that we cannot wake people up that way.  She seemed genuinely concerned and got a towel for Loralie.  As Peyton wiped the water from her sister's face she said in a motherly voice, "Aww..Juj.  It's okay.  I'll read you a book."


Connie Sandoval said...

Ohhhhhh, Courtney. She is too wise for her own good! Watch out! That's all I can say.

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