Monday, July 8, 2013

Pirates, Animals, Your Highness, Prayers, and Affirmations

Me: Good morning, Pops!
P: (With enthusiasm) Ahoy, Mom! (Switching to serious tone) I can only talk pirate talk today.


Peyton: What's your favorite animal to like, Juj?

Juj: Yellow!

P: Mom, what's your favorite animal to like?

Me: Have you heard of a platypus?

P: Huh?

Me: I like elephants.

P: (Disappointed) Oh.

Me:  What's wrong, Pops?  What is your favorite animal?

P: My favorite animal is worms! (Like it was the obvious choice)

Me: Interesting.  Why?

P: Because they are so cute.  And they love their families!  And I love mine.  And they can be in our family!

Me: Hmm....

I just want you guys to know, she really does love worms.  She goes outside and digs them up and brings them to me.  Sometimes in empty water bottles, but not always.  She says, "Look what I brought you!"  I fall for it every time.


Me: P, will you hand me that water bottle next to you?
P: Yes, your highness. (Hands me the bottle) But I'm a your highness, too.  And don't you forget it!


Peyton's prayer tonight:
Dear Heavenly Father, I'm not allowed to jump on the bed.  I'm not allowed to stand on the table.  I'm not allowed to stand on the window, either.  I'm not allowed to play in the refrigerator.  And thanks for Juj.  I say this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


I tucked the girls into bed today and as I shut the door they both insisted they needed more hugs and kisses.  I went back in to give them hugs and kisses.
P: Love you, Mom.
Me:  Love you, too!  You guys are the best!
P: You are, too!
Me: Thanks!
P: You are the best, and also you are very strong!
Me: Thank you.
P: And also, your hair looks great, too!
Me: Wow.  Thanks, P. (My hair looks absolutely terrible.  Very similar to bed head)
P: You are a princess, Mom.  A pirate princess.


Carrie Lynn said...

Pirate princess is the greatest compliment ever.

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