Saturday, April 20, 2013


Recently Peyton became very interested in her toys marrying one another.  Also, the dandelions from the yard marrying each other. Also, her macaroni noodles at lunch and the rocks in the parking get the idea.  After talking about that for a while we had this conversation.  This isn't the first time she brought up marrying her dad, but it is the first time we really were able to discuss it.

Peyton:  I think I will marry my dad. 
Me: Really?  Why do you want to do that?
Peyton: Well, he's nice to me and takes me on walks.  And he buys me candy when I'm good.  He's strong like Batman and he knows how to grow a beard.
Me: I see.  Those are nice things. Well, Peyton, I hate to have to tell you, but your dad is already married.
Peyton: What!? Why?  Who did he marry?
Me:  Peyton, your dad is married to me!
Peyton:  You are his girlfriend?  Like a princess? (Pause, disappointed sigh)  Mom, you took him from me.  That's not choosing the right.
Me:  I am sorry Peyton.  Can we still be friends?
Peyton: ...Probably.....


Tonight I am making homemade pizza for dinner.  We love that stuff, especially since Peyton gets to help with the process a lot.  After making the dough I instructed Peyton not to touch it because we needed to let it rise.  She completely ignored me and started stabbing the perfect dough ball with a fork.  I was frustrated that she would deliberately disobey me.  Who did she think she was!?  I strongly encouraged her to stay in her room and pick a different activity for a little while.  After about 45 seconds....

Peyton: (Crying) Mom!  May I get out?  I want to get out!
Me:  Well, I don't know, Peyton.  Will you try a little harder to follow the rules?
Peyton: Yes!  I probably won't touch the pizza dough anymore!

Probably?  I needed a little more reassurance than that.  I explained that to Peyton. Her response?

Peyton:  Okay!  I will really, really try to probably not touch it!

I love that kid.  And pizza.  I wonder if the dough is done now....


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