Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sister Love and Paper Cutting

Yesterday while I was doing dishes (or dusting or some other cleaning that my house desperately needed) I heard Juju crying.  I went to the girls' room to check on things and I found Peyton on the floor with her arms and legs wrapped tightly around Juju.  Poor Juju was screaming and trying to escape with no success.  Peyton seemed not to even notice her sister's attempts to get free.  This was our conversation as Juju screamed in the background.
Me: Peyton, what are you doing!?
P: Hugging Juju.  I love her too much.
Me: She doesn't like it!  Let her go!
(Peyton pauses and reluctantly lets her sister go.  Juju crawls to me very quickly, obviously traumatized.  She stood up and walked to me with outstretched arms)
Me:  See Peyton?  When you squeeze her like that it makes her sad.
Peyton: She's sad!?  Then I give her a hug!
Hugs and crying ensued.

One of Peyton's favorite things to do is to use her scissors to cut up paper into really small pieces.  Yesterday she just wanted to watch cartoons.  That conversation went like this:
P: I want TV, Mom.
Me: No, Pops.  We're not watching TV today.
P: Pree Pweeez!
Me: No.  I'm sorry.
P: (Looks down, disheartened, then suddenly looks up like she was struck by an idea) Okay!  It scissors time! 

She said is with all the authority and intensity of a Power Ranger and a goofy fist pumping motion.  She cut paper for a long time and loved it.  Not sure it was more educational than TV, but at least I didn't have to hear weird/annoying cartoon voices.


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A budding entrepreneur? You could sell her confetti on etsy--it's graduation season, so maybe you'll get some graduation parties that need table confetti :)

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