Friday, May 25, 2012

Roses and Thorns

Whew.  Let me tell you, I have had a tough month.  It has been stressful.  Anyway, I was thinking about everything that has me worried and it all became overwhelming.  THEN I had a bad day.  At that point, I decided to look for the blessings.  Thanks, Mom!  I am definitely trying harder to be grateful for the roses instead of dwelling on the thorns.

Thorn: My computer broke as I was charting for work.
Rose:  I was charting because I'm blessed enough to have a paying job.

Thorn: The computer botch caused me to be running late for my staff meeting.
Rose:  I had to be there.  Because I'm part of the staff.  Because I have a job.

Thorn:  Couldn't find my keys.
Rose:  I have a husband nice enough to give me his keys to the car.

Thorn: While I was at the bank, I locked my keys (and my husband's keys) in my car...while it was running (This is what happens when you are too busy fretting about things out of your control.  You forget to prevent problems that you can control).
Rose:  I have a car that runs.

Thorn:  I had to pay somebody to unlock my car for me.
Rose: The guy I paid was located 2 doors down from the bank so he was able to do it in a jiffy.

Thorn:  My client was having a bad day (which made my job difficult).
Rose:  I went to a great university that taught me how to handle this difficult situation.

After my meltdown earlier this week I've been trying really hard to do this.  It has been helpful.  Am I still a little worried and stressed about other things? Pfft, yes!  But it isn't the consuming kind of stress.  It is the "Since-the-Lord-was-merciful-enough-to-help-with-the-little-things-I-know-He's-going-to-take-care-of-the-big-things-too-but-I-wish-I-knew-how" kind of stress.  Know what I mean?

Anyway, for those of you who were here hoping for a funny Peyton story, I'm sorry to disappoint.  We will return to posts about her shinanigans soon.  Man, oh man.  I can't wait to tell you about the latest doozy...


Connie Sandoval said...

Honey, I am glad that you saw the roses despite the thorns. You are ahead of the game if you can keep it up. There is another way to handle this, though. (You are so much like me that I have the right to give you advice!) Avoid the thorns all together whenever possible. They will always be there, but you don't always have to get poked. IE, get a magnetic key keeper to place in a strategic place for emergencies. I love you!

Vickey said...

It only took me about 50 or so years to get mostly organized. Every once in a while, I forget where my phone is, but the rest is okay. When you no longer have a diaper bag, a work/school bag, and a purse it gets easier! As for the rest of your stress, Father doesn't always work things out for us. He will let us act in a manner that seems the most logical, and, right or wrong, if we continue in faith, he will step in and reward us for trying. Try not to hang on so tight. I did it for more years than I can count and it's not worth it. Just live, knowing all will be ok in the end. The 'what if's' will drive you nuts!!

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