Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Long Post About My Little Ginger Snaps

I feel terrible because I haven't really been writing down the girls' milestones/cool stories and I want to remember them forever so I'm just going to give you a quick update (more for myself, but feel free to enjoy).

Peyton Jane- 29 months (I think....)

-Wants to eat mac and cheese and pizza everyday.

-Her first sentence of each day is usually food related.

-When she wants to hide something, she hides it in her diaper. Yes, she still wears diapers.

-Loves reading. She reads for about 3 separate 20-30 minute periods everyday. Yes, I can recite most of the books from memory, now. At least once a day she will insist that I put Loralie in her crib. Peyton will then fill the crib with books, hop in, and read. Loralie loves it. Peyton will read a page in Peyton language then turn the book around to show the page to Juju. So adorable.

-Words Peyton can point out: Piggy, Nope, Mom, Dad, Juju, Peyton

-Peyton loves puzzles but grows impatient quickly if the piece doesn't fit right away. Hmm...wonder who she gets that from...

-Does. Not. Like. Sharing. It is awful. I took her to the nursery in church and a little boy was down there and told his dad, "See! That's the girl I was telling you about!" I would be willing to bet that it has something to do with the fact that Peyton takes all his toys.

-Loves her sister more than anything else in the world (well, to be fair, I think Juju is on an equal level with books). She always wants to hold her. The other day I took Peyton shopping and left Juju at home. Peyton was heartbroken. The whole time she wanted to go back and get Juju. If I get Peyton out of her carseat before I get Juju, Peyton will panic until I have Juju. I think she gets worried that I'll just leave Loralie in the car or something. She just does not like being separated from her. Even when I put Loralie down for a nap Peyton will sneak in the room and say, "Hey! Juju! Wake up, please! Come play!"

-Will not be in her room without Juju because "it's spooky." When I find the person who taught her that her room is "spooky" I will give them an atomic wedgie.

-Tries to call herself "PeyPey" but it comes out "Popeye."

Loralie Noelle-7.5 months

-Sweetest, happiest baby in the world. Even when she is feeling miserable she isn't bad. A little ornery right before bed but is happy again once I cuddle with her and rock her.

-Has cute chunky cheeks.

-Started pulling herself up to stand on things a month ago. Sometimes this drives Peyton crazy so when Juju stands holding onto the couch Peyton will pull the lever that makes to foot rest fling out. Poor Juju.

-Not a huge fan of baby food at all. Don't even think about giving her the mooshy baby meats in a jar.

-No teeth. Her doctor thought she was getting some a few months ago because her gums are so swollen and you can see the teeth barely under her gums but....nothing. She drools and chews on everything.

-Likes to sneak up behind Peyton and pull her hair. I explained to Peyton that Juju isn't trying to hurt her. Her hair is just so pretty that Juju wants to touch it. Now Peyton will laugh and say, "Juju, thank you! My pretty hair!"

-She is terrible to sleep with because she is such a mover! Ack!

-Loves blanket forts. Peyton makes them for her:)

-Follows Peyton around everywhere like a little puppy. Sometimes if she doesn't follow Peyton fast enough, Peyton will pull her around by her leg. Loralie likes it. Mom does not.

-She used to say "mama" and "dada" but now she will only say "dada."
Me: Say Mama!
Juju: Dada
Me: No! MMMMama
Juju: MMDada!

-Last week when I would tell her "no" she would listen to me a crawl to something else. Now when I tell her "no" she gives me a big smile and does it anyway.

-Puts everything in her mouth. I pull an average of 5 foreign objects out of her mouth a day. Frequently, I pull a wad of carpet fibers from her mouth. She just plucks the carpet fibers and eats them...

-When she sees Chris walk to the bathroom she will follow him and sit right by the door until he comes out again. Chris thinks it is hilarious. I think it's weird.

-Does not sleep through the night. Last week I read something that said 90% of babies sleep through the night by 3 months. I died a little inside.

-Has the sweetest giggle and she always has something to giggle about.


Amber said...

So stinking cute!

Connie said...

Oh my goodness. I thought I was missing them before. I hate the distance that separates me from these wonderful, day to day activities and milestones. Waaaaa

Emily and Mitch said...

Oh man! I know I see them a lot but this post made me laugh so hard! I think its because I've seen all of those things happen. Gosh I love your girls. I hope Lynnlee is just as cool. I'm excited for her to be as big as Loralie.

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