Saturday, January 28, 2012

Guide to Understanding Peyton

Peyton was recently talking to somebody and they asked me to translate. She says so many things but she says them in her cute 2-year-old way.

Eye Beethee! = I'm Busy
Mowka Mowk = Chocolate milk
Mock un sheesh = Mac and cheese
Beebee Peekos = Baby pickles = greenbeans
Pee Peez = Pretty please
See Po = Seatbelt
Buckleshouts = Brusselsprouts This one actually has many versions
Shub Ob = Sponge Bob (I loathe the awful sponge)
Bacootie! = Monster
Mine! = Aunt Emily
Bugga Bet = Big girl bed
Seex Nine Seex Seex! = One, two, three, GO!


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