Friday, August 31, 2012

Peyton Tidbits

I know that I may have already shared some of these on Facebook but I want to be able to remember them forever (or at least look back at them when I forget) so I am putting them in my blog.

Peyton's prayer tonight:

"Heavenly Father, thankful for this day and blessings. Thankful for Jacob and Randall and 'At Last I See the Light.' Make my dad be good at work. Name of Jesus Christ. Amen." Upon concluding her prayer, Peyton looked at me and said, "That was a really good prayer, Mom." (For those of you who may not know, Jacob and Randall are her friends and "At Last I See the Light" is what she calls Tangled, her favorite movie, lately.


Everybody here has had allergies or colds or something. Feeling icky has made Juj a very grumpy girl. Yesterday, Juj would not. Stop. Whining. Peyton was at the table eating. I was at the sink putting dishes away. Juju was crying for the 50th time that hour and hitting the door trying to get out. Here is what happened:

Me: I'm sorry, Juj. You need to stay inside now. Let me put these away and then I will play with you.

Juju: (Cries more loudly than before.)

Peyton: Stop crying, Juj! I'm eating! You keep crying, crying, crying!

Juju: (Crying. Still.)

Me: One more second, Sweetheart!

Peyton: (Marches straight to the door and opens it, setting Juju free)

Juju: (Ceases crying)

Me: Peyton! She can't be out there right now!

Peyton: (In a frustrated/relieved tone) Mom, Juj goes outside and I say, "Hooray!"

Couldn't even be mad. The crying was driving me crazy, too.


Peyton: (In a very secretive voice) princesses go poop?


A few nights ago we were saying bedtime prayers. Actually, I was saying the prayer. When I was finished, Peyton insisted that we pray again because I didn't say a good enough prayer for her Winnie Pie (baby cousin). Peyton offered another prayer for Winnie. After she ended she said, "See, Mom? Like that!"


Peyton keeps following me around with a quart of whole milk exclaiming, "Now that is tasty!" She hasn't even had any. I think she is expecting it to taste sweet because of the red lid?


A week or so ago, Peyton woke up from her nap bawling. When she went to bed, her friend's backpack was next to her bed. While she was sleeping, her friend took it home. Upon seeing that it had disappeared she searched everywhere.

Peyton: (Through choking and sobs) But...(sniff)

I hugged Peyton and gave her lots of kisses and after 10 minutes or so, she was calm enough to talk to.

Me: Peyton, if you are very good, I will let you earn your very own backpack and we will go pick it out together.

Peyton: (Starts bawling hysterically. Again.) I'M SO HAPPY! WAAAAAAAA!


Peyton keeps trying to take my temperature. She stuck the digital thermometer under my armpit several times. When it beeped she took it out at looked at it. Her eyes got really big and she said, quite stunned, "Mom! You weigh a thousand pounds!"


Peyton wanted a cookie. I told her that she could have one after she picked up all of her toys. She spents about 2 minutes picking them up and then came to me and said, "It's all clean!" I said, "Okay. Let me inspect!" I found a few things and instructed her that they still needed picked up. This repeated about three times. By the last time, Peyton came to me and said, "It's all clean but don't inspect, okay?"


Peyton was pretty excited to dress herself last week, probably because Grandpa Peaches just got her a bunch of new clothes. I could hear her struggling in her room and I called in and asked if she needed help. She assured me that she did not. A few minutes later I saw her coming down the hallway. Just before she reached the living room she stopped, hit her forehead with her hand and said to no one in particular, "Oh man! I forgot to take my other clothes off!" I looked closely and sure enough, I could see her pajamas poking out of her new outfit. She turned around, clearly flustered, and went back to her room to change.


Peyton: (Does something incredible)

Me: Wow! Peyton, who said you could get so big?

Peyton: (Shrugs) I do what I want.


Me: Peyton, thanks for your help! You're the best!

Peyton: Umm. Yes.

Me: When somebody says that, you should say, "thank you."

Peyton: You're welcome


Loralie tripped and fell and started to fuss. Peyton saved the day by attempting CPR. Yep! Chest compressions! I was impressed by how well she could do them. Fortunately, Juju did not need the intervention so I had to cut it short. Peyton left a little discouraged, but hopeful that another opportunity to practice her skills would arise.


Kids: (Terrorizing the house while I'm trying to order books for my class)

Me: AHHHH!!! You guys are driving me crazy!

Peyton: (Shrugs. Leaves room. Pops her head back into the room) Mom, are you crazy at Peyton or at Juj?


Connie said...

I had heard every one of these stories, but they were so worth hearing again. Thanks for the retell.................

Sarah-Ann Binning said...

"I do what I want" PRICELESS. I'm going to steal some of these for children's book inspirations, mmk?

Courtney said...

Sarah, I often think that we should collaborate and write a book together. Maybe if we're lucky the book will make enough money to chip away some of our school debt!

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