Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just Go Around.

After we got home from church last Sunday

Me: Peyton, what did you learn about today?
Peyton: (shrugs and speaks nonchalantly) Eh, just the Holy Ghost.
Me: Oh?  What does the Holy Ghost do?
Peyton: (Matter-of-factly) He makes me be really reverent.
Me: Really?
Peyton:  Yes!  He's not scary, though!

If you knew how concerned Peyton has been about ghosts lately, you'd know that this is a big deal.

Loralie was sleeping in her room and Peyton was on the couch doing her own thing.  I decided to run downstairs really quickly to tell Emily something.  As soon as I got to Emily's I could hear Peyton coming down the steps.  A few seconds later she was screaming, "Mom!  Mommm!  MOMMMMMMMMY!" 

I looked outside and saw Peyton....holding a 5 ft long tree branch.  She looked startled to see me.  I looked at her in confusion.  Searching for a way to explain, she paused then said, "I  be worried so I got a big stick!"
The girls and I went on a walk the other day.  I put Juju in the stroller and Peyton walked beside me.  About two minutes into our walk, we came to a truck that was parked in a driveway, but covering the sidewalk.  Peyton gasped and with wide eyes said, "Oh no!"  I feigned outrage and replied, "Oh no!  What are we going to do!?"

Peyton looked at me like I was nuts and calmly said, "Not shreak out.  Just go around."

During our walk, we happened upon several other vehicles parked over the sidewalk.  Each time, before I could even say anything, Peyton would utter the reassuring words, "Not shreak out, Mom.  It be ooooooooookay.  Just go around."


Tara Cottle said...

Hahaha...oh Peyton.

Connie said...

Peyton is soooo wise! And you are an excellent story teller!

SarahandFrancisco said...

I love these, that Peyton is a fireball for sure.

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